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Lightwave Solutions Inc. (LSI) is the industry’s only Business Solutions Provider that was created by experts with 30+ years in the telecommunication industry

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LSI focuses on providing Life Cycle Management for the telecommunication and technology services used by large multi-location businesses across the country.

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Lightwave Origins

When we were established in 2000, our focus was to provide the best in telecommunication solutions at the lowest possible costs to small and medium size businesses on a nationwide basis. Working with every provider available, we consulted with our clients to offer the best options for their business needs in all areas of telecom. Our business quickly grew and within two years we were providing services for an average of 950 new customers a day.

Over time, we added services geared toward larger businesses with multiple locations and complex needs. Large enterprise businesses are now our primary focus. Our long years of experience working with enterprise customers has allowed us to understand what large business most need. This extensive experience enabled us to create the revolutionary EnVision platform we use to deliver both significant savings and enhanced value.

Using our operational and technological expertise, we have developed a set of solutions to specifically address major gaps in the TEM (Telecom Expense Management) market. Other solutions focus on creating what amounts to just a billing inventory with variance reporting, leaving their customers without a truly useful inventory. Our platform gives you a detailed view of exactly what you have from every provider, at every location, down to the line-item detail.

We examine all provider contracts to help you understand your obligations to that same level of detail. Then we use this information to provide our clients with a technology road map that will continually keep costs down throughout the life of your contracts and beyond, while improving productivity.

The EnVision platform, our support structure, and our industry experts, will help you achieve these cost reductions, while at the same time enabling you to obtain improvements in the value of the services you purchase.

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