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The perfect complement to your TEM platform

Life Cycle Management

that lowers costs while improving service value

lightwave life cycle management

How do we do it?

When it comes to Wireline services like coax or fiber, TEM solutions are adequate tools. The solution you’re using right now is purpose built as an inventory builder with GL coding baked in. Your particular TEM may include bill-pay and even help to spot variances in monthly statements.

This is where traditional TEM’s value proposition ends.

Our solution offers a perfect complement to such platforms because we focus on optimization. Lightwave doesn’t simply aim to save money, but upgrade services. We’re not only saving clients 20-45%, we’re driving down labor costs and reducing network downtime.

We make it easy for your IT team to focus on their core mission.

We build usable, sourceable, inventories of every service location regardless of provider. More than a billing inventory, this allows us to get a complete view of your network services from end to end. Our inventory also serves as a repository for your contracts. Allowing us to keep track of pricing and termination fees.

Knowing this information allows us to truly optimize your services.

usable telecom inventory

How is LSI's Life Cycle Management Inventory so much more robust?

This is our true differentiator.  

Our proprietary AI solution extracts the necessary information from overly-complex  contracts and statements.  Detailed information of all your services, vendors, and costs are visible in the system.  Down to the line-item level, for each location, we outline your contract obligations. This is what we call a usable or sourceable inventory.

Only after building a usable inventory can a real optimization occur.  This allows us to examine all available service options by location. So we can offer the most beneficial solutions available.

Ready to take a look for yourself?

Saving our clients money, upgrading services, and making growth easier is why we get out of bed in the morning!

Our AI-driven process doesn't stop at inventory creation.

In fact, it goes hand in hand with our commitment to white-glove support. Based on your sourceable inventory we are able to present project plan options focused on your goals. These solutions are then fully implemented by our team of project managers.

Knowledge is power. The lack of detail provided by traditional TEM offerings limits them to GL coding. Only after creating a sourceable inventory can an effective audit be performed. It's easy to see how LSI is able to identify and disconnect unused services and correct overages.

artificial intelligence in telecom expense management

"Usable inventories have a positive impact that extends beyond savings"

Envision telecom expense management ai

Now your IT department can focus it's time on more strategic objectives.

We designed our EnVision platform to pick up where traditional TEM quits. LSI doesn't stop with cost reduction. Our platform also lends itself nicely to managing system-wide help desk needs. That's one phone call regardless of issue or service provider. One portal for all service tickets, even moves, adds, changes, and deletes.

Telecom is just the beginning

We don't wipe our hands and walk away once we've saved our clients 20-45%. Our capabilities don't end with telecom. At LSI being innovative means finding more ways AI can generate efficiencies. Today we're finding that efficiency by optimizing energy and security for our clients.

Our commitment to you isn't over with a single round of optimization. We commit to understanding your business to continue delivering innovative solutions. LSI has access to over 500 best-in-class service providers, a list that grows by the day. It may seem like a lot to manage, but efficiency is our passion.

commitment to customer expense reduction ongoing