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April 7, 2022 | 2:00pm ET

AI Powered Acquisitions

Adding massive value without the headaches

April 7, 2022 | 2:00pm ET

How AI will be your next competitive advantage

If a business is valued based on profitability and growth - then your job is simple; Increase both! In this webinar we look at how to utilize artificial intelligence to painlessly reduce expenses while acquiring the right tech for your trajectory.

We'll explore how an AI powered cloud-based tool can not only save on recurring TechCom expenses, but improve AP and ticketing processes.

"Every company, big and small, needs what LSI does"

Join us on April 7th as we discuss how Private Equity and M&A firms are utilizing EnVision, our proprietary expense-reducing AI platform. We’ll discuss the basics of our TechCom audit process along with average turnaround times based on project size.

Furthermore we’ll discuss the LSI advantage – our unique positioning in the Telecom world and how it gives us access well beyond what a typical TEM could provide.

Other Topics We’ll Discuss:

  • Contract Management
  • Wireless Expense Management
  • PM / Implementation
  • Help Desk & Support
  • Partner Involvement
  • Audits & Consults
  • Residual Income

LSI & Private Equity

Follow the link below to access information on EnVision. Reach out to us today for customized information regarding how EnVision can provide a revenue stream for years post sale.

For us AI isn't just a buzzword, it's how we do business.

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Matt Allsopp Sales director lsi charlotte

Matt Allsopp

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