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Deconstructing Mobility Solutions

There is no denying that mobile devices have dramatically impacted how we do business. The prevailing question these days is more along the lines of how are we to manage these devices?

There are plenty of tools available to the modern IT department, work with a trusted partner to determine the right asset control for YOUR organization.

What options do businesses have?

To keep it simple - tons. We're going to break down two main categories. MDM - Mobile Device Management & MDS - Mobile Device Support.

What is MDM?

Mobile Device Management, or MDM is primarily considered security software.




MDM solutions allow you to remotely secure, monitor, and generally manage mobile devices.

Create User-Groups for Software/Application installation and device restrictions.

Segment phone data to remotely locate, lock, and if necessary wipe devices that have been lost or stolen

What is MDS?

Mobile Device Support, or MDS features a centralized portal where businesses can manage the services their organizations utilize, including:



Help Desk

A consolidated inventory of each device, its DID, location, user, and carrier info

Replace devices and file tickets with device manufacturers and carriers with ease

A single point of contact for the businesses IT department, for all carriers and device types

Bill Pay

Expense Management


MDS solutions pay your wireless bills for you so you never get a late charge. Questions about your invoices are answered by a dedicated account manager.

More than just general ledger coding, MDS ensures each employee is on the correct plan based on their usage

Ongoing plan optimization and reporting. MDS solutions continuously monitor usage and invoices for discrepancies and anomalies. A proactive approach to management.

Can MDS & MDM work in tandem?

Because MDM doesn’t handle the business management functions that MDS does, they work quite well in tandem. Most MDM users appreciate the additional level of help desk support, order fulfillment and plan optimization that an MDS solution provides. The LSI MDS solution via EnVision is customizable, to the point where our clients can have us enroll new devices into their existing MDM platform, automatically loading all required user applications and policies as defined by our clients.


About our company

LSI is a business solutions provider with over two decades of telecom experience.

We specialize in custom solutions utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence for cost reduction, process improvement, and technological advancement. Our MDS solution is unique to the industry and we strive to serve every business, regardless as to headcount. Our goal is always to drive down cost and free up resources – we’re so confident in our cost saving strategies that we guarantee it.

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