Lightwave Solutions

Wireless Expense Management

A cornerstone of LSI Lifecycle with EnVision


We start by auditing the last three months of your wireless expenses. Monitoring usage, inactive lines, taxes, & fees.


We then map users to the right plans, using pooling scenarios and regressive logistics to find the mobile "sweet spot."


We keep this process going for the lifetime of our engagement. Consistently adjusting policies, plans, and agreements so your organization is always optimized.

The TechCom Analysis

It's our process for a reason. We review each and every statement and contract utilizing our proprietary AI TechCom Engine so we can build out a comprehensive inventory of every service at every location.

online inventory of all wireless and wireline services

View all of your statements in one place, from anywhere in the world. Pay one bill and never get hit with a late fee again!

Service out in El Segundo? Need a new smartphone for your sales team in San Antonio? LSI makes ticketing a snap!

How much extra are you paying?

I have a secret...

Your IT department doesn't want to manage your organization's smartphones and contracts.
They'd rather be working on the projects you hired them to manage.

Still not sure if LifeCycle Management is right for you?

We Guarantee Our Results

We’re so confident of the savings we provide that we put it in writing. You’ll never spend more with us, than you would without – we guarantee it.