Lightwave Solutions

Complement Your Existing TEM Solution

Lower Costs & Get Better Value for Your Technology Spend

Interested in Saving An Additional 20-45%...

LSI offers the perfect complementary service to your existing Telecom Expense Management Solution. We can provide you with Life Cycle Management services that will lower your costs, while improving the value you obtain from telecommunications and related services.

For Wireline services, TEM solutions can do a very good job of helping customers gather an inventory of your billing, pay your bills, help
spot variances in billing, and provide General Ledger coding. They can do this very well. However, our solution offers a perfect complement to TEM platforms because we have the systems and processes that will optimize your services to generate savings of 20-45%, while providing technology upgrades that drive productivity and reduce labor costs. Additionally, our platform will dramatically reduce the downtime your network will experience, while making it easy for your IT team to focus on their core mission.

How Do We Accomplish This?

  • By creating a truly useable, sourceable, web-based inventory of every service, for every location, from every service provider. We then match this up your contract commitments for pricing and termination liability. This information enables us to help you optimize your services.

  • This is our true differentiator, our ability to use our proprietary AI driven technology to create a detailed inventory that has all your existing services, vendors, and costs visible in our system – down to the line-item level – complete with the understanding of your contract obligations. There is a major difference between a billing inventory and a sourceable useable inventory that allows you to truly understand what you have. This allows us to examine all service options from your existing carriers – and all other providers – to understand what solutions would benefit you.
  • We will use this information to present an entire project plan with your options laid out that outlines in detail the savings and value you will obtain. When you have made your selection, our project managers implement all solutions for you.
  • An additional benefit of this information is that it enables us to engage in a superior process to audit bills and obtain recovery on overbillings. You can’t effectively audit services without understanding the level of detail we build into our platform. Additionally, we will generate major savings from determining if the services you are being billed for are ones that are actually active – and then disconnecting those that are not.
  • Our product also provides you with a 24/7 help desk that will do trouble reporting and resolution, as well as moves, adds, changes, and deletes, across all service providers. Our detailed web-based inventory will allow us to resolve issues quickly, resulting in less downtime. Your IT department can focus its time on other items.
  • After helping clients save 20-45% off their current telecommunications and related technology services and increase their productivity, we work with our customers to assist them with optimizing their energy and security services. As we get to know your business, we will continue to deliver innovative solutions from industry leading providers. We work with over 500 suppliers of best-in-class services and design custom solutions based on our client’s needs.