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Why EnVision?

What makes EnVision a better choice?

While some of our competitors will import carrier billing into their systems and pay your bills, there are very important differences in what our solution provides above and beyond the industry “standard.” Why is EnVision a better choice?

Take a look at these differentiators:

Our solution is created by experts in the telecommunication industry on an operational and technology level. We have 30+ year veterans of the telecommunication industry who developed our solution specifically to address the major gaps in other companies’ products

We are not a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provider, we are a
(LCM) Lifecycle Management Firm that offers TEM services as part of our solution.

We provide in-house sales engineers and industry experts who can provide unbiased recommendations to obtain the best solutions at the lowest cost, both with your existing provider – or any other on the market. We spend the time to really understand your business, review how everything is currently configured, then look to provide you with what you need!

Other solutions are software-driven models that automate
processes for importing bills, compare them to prior bills for variance analysis, and have good charts to display information, allocate costs, or provide information on overall billing. Simply importing this information will not give you a truly useful inventory. We help you discover at a detailed level what you have for each service. For us, importing existing provider billing is the first step in building a comprehensive detailed inventory, not the final one!

Without getting true line-item inventory information to understand all of the details of the type of line, circuit, or other services you have, as well as gathering the location data, you can’t efficiently look at existing or new provider options – because there is nothing you can use to obtain a quote for comparable services. You also can’t look at migrating to other technologies effectively without this level of understanding of what you have. We call the type of inventory we create a source-able inventory. Many other providers will tell you they create an inventory.

The usefulness of what they provide is limited because it is based on billing data only. They do not go the extra mile by doing research using such methods as pulling customer service records or interviewing service provider personnel to truly understand what you have.

Obtaining that level of detail requires a massive amount of time and effort – and is well worth it for the value it brings.

Because we gather the line item detail of your services at each location, we can effectively audit billing in a fundamentally different way. You can’t efficiently audit billing if you don’t understand what the services provided are at the line item or location level.

Envision telecom expense management ai
wireline and wireless support data cable transmission life cycle management

Source-able inventory detail will allow us to provide a much more effective help desk, trouble ticketing, and move/add change delete support. Our solution includes 24/7 help desk and trouble ticketing. If you can’t tell a carrier critical information necessary for proper support during a service issue, it will add a lot of time and effort to its resolution.

Most other providers have nothing comparable to offer.

Many telecom expense management providers will have minimum monthly telecommunication spend requirements of their customers of $500,000 or more – just to be willing to talk to you about their services. We believe that we can dramatically reduce your costs and improve your productivity, whether you’re spending $5,000 a month or $5,000,000.

With EnVision, we will provide you with dedicated project managers that will quote any services you wish to order. We will manage your orders through to completion – and then provide you with post-sales support. Our team will work with you to coordinate the desired implementation timing for the solutions providers. If you need an installation vendor for any service to assist with the location deployment, we will contract with a vendor to manage that entire process for you. Our project managers are professionals with many prior years’ experience working with telecommunication companies. Whether it is a brand-new service implementation or a move, add, change, or delete to existing services, you will experience an ease of implementation that will likely be a refreshing change.

We look to understand your business and what products it might need – then we review your existing services and commitments. We combine this information to put together recommendations for what would provide the best value and savings.

We engage in collaborative discussions with service providers that would have the best fit for you, including your existing providers and potential new ones. This process is not adversarial like an RFP process. We find that using RPF/RFQ process will either cause service providers to not respond at all or, if they do, they will not offer their best price or put forth much effort into the design and pricing. They want to feel like they have a real chance to win your business and articulate what they can do for you.

We engage in these discussions on your behalf and report back what is offered with our recommendations. Our approach achieves a dramatically better offer and result from solutions providers

We don’t simply gather your contracts, we understand your obligations and what you are supposed to receive, both for auditing and optimization purposes. We track your termination liability at the service and location level. This allows us to provide options more effectively for services with your existing provider, or potential new ones, from the global enterprise level down to the individual location or service type. Any early termination liability will be a known factor in any decision you wish you see implemented.

This is not a feature we see offered by most providers.

We have the capabilities of an MSP to offer you managed internet and router services. We can price and design the network – as well as the equipment to be used. We can then configure, deploy, and install all facets of the network and equipment while turning the equipment costs into a monthly MRC. From SD-WAN to Wi-Fi Access Points, to VoIP equipment, we can provide, install and manage it all.

No TEM company has these advanced capabilities.

Lightwave Solutions as a Lifecycle Management Firm does!

Let Lightwave show you how a customer-oriented solutions provider drives savings and value for your business.