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In order to improve your business’s productivity while lowering costs, you need accurate information. Lightwave Solutions starts by creating a comprehensive inventory of your existing services and contracts.  We then work with our network of over 500 vendors to recommend the best solutions for your needs, including helping you lower costs with existing vendors. These combined efforts allow us to provide you with a technology roadmap to more efficient solutions.

Road sign to Improving Productivity While Lowering Costs

No Cost to Our Clients

Lightwave Solutions does not charge anything for our optimization proposals. In fact, we are compensated by the underlying providers for the work we do. We have a vendor-neutral approach, looking for the best solutions for our customers. Our solutions are guaranteed to improve productivity while lowering costs.

How We Serve

Telecommunications and Technology

Lightwave has solutions that provide you with the best options for every available solution for voice, data, and collaboration tools that include the latest service and equipment options.

Energy and Utility Solutions

Lightwave Solutions can lower your energy costs and usage, reduce your carbon footprint, and demonstrate to the government and the public your ability to meet ESG goals and/or requirements.

Our Partnerships

Lightwave Solutions has created unique partnerships with a wide variety of types of businesses.

What We Do

We Do All the Work - You Get All the Savings

On all of our solutions for telecommunications, technology, energy, and utilities, we do all the heavy lifting for understanding what you have and what you are committed to, then create detailed roadmaps that outline the reductions in costs and improvements in productivity you will obtain.

We Take All the Risk

We are completely confident in our ability to deliver the results we promise. Our clients trust us for solid recommendations based on real data. Once we build inventories and complete a technology optimization roadmap, we work with you to make the best choices for your business.

Guaranteed Cost Reductions

All our solutions come with cost reduction guarantees that vary based on the solution(s) you select. For specific details regarding these guarantees, please contact your Lightwave Solutions Technology Advisor for more information.

Project Management Included

Project managers will manage the implementation of any solution you choose and provide post-sales support. We enter a long-term partnership with our clients. We have provided solutions to over 500,000 customers since we started in 2000.

Specialty Large Customer Solutions

For our larger and multi-location customers’ telecommunications services, we have specialized Life Cycle Management solutions that go well beyond optimization and implementation services. These solutions provide the following additional benefits:

  • Bill payment and general ledger coding
  • Auditing all billing and obtaining credits for incorrectly billed services
  • 24/7 help desk for support of all services, including Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes (MACD)
  • Web-based inventory for all services and contract obligations, down to the line-item detail of every line/circuit/service, at every location, for every vendor. MACD and trouble ticket tracking and reporting will be provided in the system.

Strategically Growing Your Business While Saving You Money

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