Lightwave Solutions

Partnership Opportunities

Lightwave Solutions has created unique partnerships with a wide variety of types of businesses.  If your firm has services it provides to any type of business, we can provide a complementary set of solutions that can create a pool of savings to help your customers to fund the purchase of your business’s core services, while also earning significant additional income. 

We typically reduce business costs between 20-45% in the areas of telecommunications, technology, energy, and utilities.  We look to collaborate closely with our referral partners to help you drive new sales, while providing you with a lucrative opportunity to generate substantially more income from all of your existing clients.    

Our services are simple to explain.  You do not need to have any specific knowledge.  All we ask for is a warm introduction and we do the rest. 

We do not charge anything for our optimization services.  We are paid by our over 500 underlying vendors for solutions we implement, so your clients get the benefit of lower costs and increased productivity at no cost from us.  We then share the income with you, simply for providing a warm introduction.