Lightwave Solutions

Enhance Your Bottom Line

Partnering with Lightwave Solutions doesn’t just enhance your service offering. Our Partnership Program is purpose-built to create residual income for partners.

What Makes an Ideal Partner?

In short? The ideal business partner for Lightwave is an organization focused on growing their offering and their bottom line.

Let's get specific

Industry Specific Information

We've highlighted some of the more common industries our partners are members of however, Lightwave is built on flexibility. Our focus is working with partners who are interested in having us assist their clients or companies to reduce their costs while improving the value they obtain from their telecommunication services.

About Lightwave

Lightwave Solutions has been providing the best in telecom, technology, and security to customers for 20 years. Our client-centric approach means we put YOU first. We get to know your business by assessing the technology and services you currently have. We then study your existing provider pricing and contract commitments. Then we present you with our expert, unbiased technology and service recommendations. Our goal is to tailor a solution unique to your business needs while lowering costs and enhancing productivity.

The LSI difference? Artificial Intelligence

Learn more about EnVision, our proprietary TechCom analysis process, and how we are redefining Lifecycle Management and Telecom Expense Management for our clients and partners.