Auditing and Shared Savings Model Organizations

We Can Help You Close New Customers and Make More Money from Existing Ones

Businesses that specialize in looking at telecom, technology, energy, and utility bills or any other business expense to look for overcharges and negotiating reductions from existing vendors can save businesses money. We are a perfect complementary solution, with a different approach. We will gather the inventory of services and associated contracts to use our specialized knowledge of technology to examine solutions that not only lower cost and improve productivity from existing vendors, but include options from our suite of over 500 vendors. We will then provide a detailed roadmap that optimizes their services. Our vendors pay us for services optimized with them, allowing us to provide our services at no charge to your clients. It also provides us with income to pay to you, creating a win-win for you, your clients, and LSI.

You can drive deeper savings, with our organization doing much of the work that will make this possible. We will create a customized strategy to ensure what we provide dovetails with our business strategy to maximize the benefit you receive from this partnership. All we need is a warm introduction to your customers. From there, we will coordinate and communicate with you to ensure any additional opportunities we can create are known and actionable for us to work on together.

Strategically Growing Your Business While Saving You Money

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