Lightwave Solutions

Telecommunications and Technology

Lightwave has solutions that provide you with the best options for every available solution for voice, data, and collaboration tools that include the latest service and equipment options. We will explain these in easy-to-understand terms with an analysis that encompasses virtually every carrier and service provider. Because we create this holistic and detailed line-item inventory and we take the time to understand your business, we can generate huge value.

The advent of the Covid pandemic has created major changes for businesses. 

Challenge 1

Hybrid and remote work environments are creating major operational and productivity challenges.

Challenge 2

Worker shortages and increases in costs have created difficult new challenges that the best new technology can help to solve.

We know the best ways you can use both telecommunications and technology to tackle these challenges, while reducing the strain on your IT resources. Many companies currently struggle to support the change brought on by the pandemic.  Most do not have time to understand the cost-benefit of the myriad of available technology options, nor do they have the inventory information necessary to look at options - or have the time available to implement the newest technology options if they did.  Lightwave Solutions can handle every one of these challenges for you, at no charge to your business.

We can also provide field service techs to go on-site to implement new solutions, management, and monitoring of your network and equipment, and provide Life Cycle Management.

Life Cycle Management is primarily a solution chosen by our larger and multi-location customers. It offers Bill Payment, General Ledger coding, auditing of billing plus recovery of overcharges, including for discovery of disconnected services still on your billing, a web-based inventory of every service, from every service provider, down to the line-item detail of every line, circuit, or service, for any type of wireline and wireless services, and comes with a 24/7 help desk. The level of detail that is provided in the web-based inventory makes it easy to provide a faster response to any service issues, track SLA’s, and layer on management and monitoring of your services and equipment.

Ask for a demo of the Life Cycle Management system so you can visualize how much added benefit this can provide to your business.