GPOs and Associations

GPOs and Associations Are Natural Partners

GPOs and Associations have strong buying power, enabling businesses to get services at reduced prices and better terms. They align perfectly with Lightwave Solutions. By partnering with GPOs and Associations LSI provides vendor-neutral access to over 500 vendors for telecommunications, technology, energy, and utility services, which reduces costs and improves productivity.

At Lightwave Solutions, we start by creating an inventory of a customer’s services and contracts to find areas for optimization. We tailor solutions to match business needs.

Associations can benefit from a partnership with Lightwave Solutions, offering cost reduction and productivity improvement to members. Our process is simple, requiring minimal member effort. We handle everything from inventory to vendor matching, ensuring a smooth experience.

We pay associations based on vendor transactions, creating a win-win situation. Members get reduced costs and improved productivity, while Lightwave Solutions gains valuable partnerships.

In conclusion, GPOs and Associations are ideal partners for Lightwave Solutions, delivering cost savings and productivity improvements. Our vendor-neutral approach and easy process ensure a seamless partnership experience. Contact us to discuss how we can enhance the value you offer to members or clients.

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