Telecom Expense Management Companies

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Telecom Expense Management (TEM) companies usually provide a core service that offers payment of telecommunication billing and general ledger coding for cost allocation. We can provide a range of services that will broaden your product offering, while generating significant additional income, all with very little effort on your part. The billing inventory of services you have created for your clients will allow us to help your customers optimize and reduce their costs, while improving their productivity.

We also can offer a complementary Life Cycle Management solution that will create an inventory detail, both by the location and by the service provider, of the actual line items of every line, circuit, or other services they have, tied into the contractual obligations associated with them. We can use this enhanced inventory to offer 24/7 help desk, MACD, and trouble ticket solution. This additional service option will allow you to generate a significant new income stream from existing clients and provide you will a competitive advantage in obtaining new TEM clients based on the new service offerings we can provide.

In addition, we will offer new optimization opportunities in the areas of energy, utilities, and technology that will broaden the value proposition you can provide. Other Telecom Expense Management companies will not be able to match this new enhanced offering. Additionally, the cost reductions we can generate will be significantly more than what your customers would pay for your services, making partnering with us an easy way to drive more business. Because our vendors pay us for services we optimize over to their solutions, we can provide optimization services at no charge to you or your customers, while generating income for you.

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