Why Lightwave

Why Lightwave

Unique Value Proposition

Lightwave offers a unique value proposition that offers optimization services that deliver significant cost reductions for telecommunications, technology, energy, and utility services, while providing dramatic improvements in your productivity – all at no cost to your business. We collect your billing and contract information and create an inventory of your services and contract commitments. With this information in hand, we can create a detailed roadmap that quantifies these savings by the service provider, service type, and location. We will manage both the implementation and post-installation support of any services you ask us to implement for you. We will ensure you know how to take full advantage of the productivity-enhancing features of the solutions that are implemented.

Vendor Neutral – No Cost to You Approach

With 500+ vendor relationships, we offer a vendor-agnostic approach that allows us to focus on the best solution for the customer. We do not charge for our services because our vendors all compensate us for our ordering and installation of their solutions. This means we have the freedom to recommend the solutions with the best outcomes for our clients. We have successfully provided solutions to over 500,000 customers since 2000.

The broadness of our solution set allows us to achieve more results than other companies that have a narrow focus. We have proprietary AI engines that help us to analyze billing and inventory information to make our process efficient, without our clients having to expend any material amount of their time in the process. We get to know your business and how it operates, to ensure we are providing the best-customized solutions to increase your productivity.

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What Problems Do We Solve

Years of experience working with the specialized needs of large enterprise customers have taught us how to provide a value proposition that is unlike anything else available in the market. Telecommunications, technology, and energy/utility services are always changing, but we have seen there are common problems that affect almost all businesses.

We found that most businesses have major challenges with:

  1. Keeping track of all the services and contract commitments at their various locations.
  2. Putting any inventory information into a web-based format that captures the line-item detail of every service at every location from every provider. Without this, it becomes very difficult to obtain comparative quotes for alternative services or plan how to optimize overall spending or create a technology roadmap.
  3. IT departments are struggling to support their business and provide the best solutions, in part, because of the lack of this needed inventory of services.
  4. Many IT departments do not have IT staff at every site, making installation, monitoring, and management challenging.
  5. Keeping up with the vast array of potential solutions available, understanding which ones might be the most beneficial, how to purchase them at the best rates, how to manage the implementation of these services, their post-installation support, and how to ensure they are taking full advantage of the productivity improvements these solutions provide.
  6. Auditing billing for the correct or best available prices.
    • Bills frequently had inflated or much higher than market charges.
    • Service Provider contracts were auto-renewed without the opportunity to be negotiated.
    • Contracts that did not auto-renew went to very high month-to-month pricing.
    • Customers were being billed for disconnected services.

How Do We Solve These Problems

Our optimization and Life Cycle Management solutions directly address all these problems – with very little time and effort on your part. We guide you in each step of the process, from data gathering to analysis to implementation. We will make it easy for you to drive down costs and become more efficient. The complete and detailed inventory of your services and obligations allows us to audit billing in a way that it would not be possible to do otherwise. We come up with holistic solutions that incorporate the totality of your current services and contracts and create a roadmap with a detailed ROI that will result from the enhancements of your existing services. We can quantify not only the reductions in cost but also the increases in productivity our plans will provide.

Lowering Your Costs While Improving Productivity

On all of our solutions for telecommunications, technology, energy, and utilities, we do all the heavy lifting for understanding what you have and what you are committed to, then create detailed roadmaps that outline the reductions in costs and improvements in productivity you will obtain.

Strategically Growing Your Business While Saving You Money

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