Lightwave Solutions

why lsi?

Why Lightwave?

We are always keeping an eye on YOUR bottom line

LSI has a major advantage over competitors because we employ our EnVision platform backed by proprietary AI engines. These dynamic tools, along with a dedicated veteran staff, who meticulously analyzes your existing services, will present to you the most cost-effective solutions available in today’s marketplace for your business. This applies to both your existing providers, as well as any other solution. All of this is tailored to your needs. We get to know your business and then provide customized solutions to increase your productivity.

Years of experience working with the specialized needs of large enterprise customers has taught us how to provide such a unique value proposition.

Telecommunications and technology are always changing. We keep up with the latest trends and understand how to inform our clients of the newest offerings they need for their business. All while making sure they get the most value from their providers.

Envision telecom expense management ai

What Challenges Does EnVision Impact?

Keeping track of all the actual services and contract commitments at their many locations

IT departments struggling to support the business because of the lack of this needed inventory of services

Auditing telecom billing for the correct or best available market rates

Bills frequently had inflated or much higher than market charges.
Service Provider contracts were auto renewed without the opportunity to be negotiated
Contracts that did not auto renew went to very high month to month pricing.
Customers were being billed for disconnected services.

woman frustrated by high telecom and wireless bills

For large, multi-location clients, these issues were exacerbated by their size and specialized needs

first step to telecom cost reduction


We use AI to build a detailed, line-item inventory of all services at all locations that you can access anywhere you have signal

second step to wireless cost reduction


We gather the contracts for each and every carrier and validate the accuracy of your current bills. When we find errors and overcharges, we work with your providers to correct them and obtain credits

Third step in reducing administrative soft cost


We review and recommend the best services and technologies available for you from across the market. We provide a technology roadmap to our clients focused on keeping costs down & improving productivity

Our Commitment

our customer focus is ongoing, with systems to help manage expenses and services

24/7 Help Desk

...with a single number to contact for any service issues, as well as any moves, adds, changes or deletions you wish to make to your services. Our inventory of contracts and services allows us to handle trouble tickets quickly and efficiently, while ensuring moves do not incur unexpected early termination liability

Order Management

All new service orders and/or change requests are processed by a veteran and experienced group of project managers

Field Services

We can quickly dispatch field techs to handle any new installation, support issues, inside wiring needs, or related items to any location you have across any carrier or service

Engineering Support

Sales engineering and solutions design support is provided across every carrier or technology provider, to help you evaluate your options

Savings Analysis

We provide a detailed written savings and value analysis on every suggested solution we recommend

Reportable Activity

All activity for audits, credit requests, inventory and service changes, trouble tickets, contracts, provisioning, and other activity are tracked in a reportable format in the EnVision system

The end result?

Your company is nimble enough to make the most cost effective and efficient TechCom decisions.

Interested in how this will work for your organization? Contact us to set up a demo.