Energy & Utility Solutions

Energy and Utility Solutions

Energy prices have risen dramatically. Businesses are facing governmental and societal pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. Like it or not, it is an economic reality that ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting is becoming increasingly important and, in many cases, required by Federal, State, and Local governments. Businesses want to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce costs. However, this takes a level of time, capital, and expertise to make these energy efficiency improvements; time and capital you would rather be investing in growing your revenue and company.

Lightwave Solutions can lower your energy costs and usage, reduce your carbon footprint, and demonstrate to the government and the public your ability to meet ESG goals and/or requirements.  You will obtain net cost reductions that dramatically exceed the cost of the solutions.  We offer a free consultation to help you develop a strategy for energy optimization. We do the work to help you to examine your location’s infrastructure, equipment, and energy billing, you get all the cost reductions.  Best of all, we will arrange for all the financing for the solution in the form of an off-balance sheet contract, so no debt is recorded on your credit reporting.

Our Solutions Include Optimization of:


Over 75% of buildings in the U.S. use rooftop HVAC units. As building and facility owners/operators are pressured to mitigate operational costs, rooftop unit optimization is a sensible solution for providing peace of mind that RTU (Roof Top Unit) performance and building comfort are maintained, regardless of the equipment age.

Our RTU retrofit solution uses a multi-patented methodology that modulates the indoor fan speed in the cooling mode to not only maximize energy savings but simultaneously provide substantial dehumidification. No other RTU retrofit in the HVAC industry can match its unique combination of energy reduction and relative humidity reduction. Also, our retrofit solution indexes the fan speed in the heating and ventilating modes to reduce energy consumption and uncomfortable drafts.

RTUs have an average product lifespan of 20-25 years, much longer than conventional HVAC solutions, with 90% of them continually running at a single fan speed regardless of the building’s need. We will examine all of the options on the market and make a recommendation that will quantify the significant cost and energy reductions this solution will provide. You will obtain a net reduction in your overall spending, even after including the equipment, installation, and post-installation support, all of which is all included in the package. There are no out-of-pocket costs because the funding package is included in the solution. The analysis for which solution is best for you and the reduction in energy usage and total costs is all provided free of charge to you.

Thermostatic Controls

When a building needs to be cooled, other businesses and facilities on the same transmission grid will also likely need similar levels of electricity for cooling. On very hot days, electricity demand will typically be the highest. The utility company measures that building’s energy usage on those very hot days and then applies a “capacity tag” that reflects that energy usage. The higher the usage, the more that building will pay in capacity charges.

An Energy Management System can be a relatively simple solution, involving a sensor that triggers preset settings for heating and cooling, lighting, or appliance operation, or it can be highly sophisticated. More sophisticated Energy Management Systems can actually learn business operations, calibrate actions based on multiple inputs, and communicate directly with utilities to identify optimal times to purchase energy. These systems can also greatly improve the execution of demand response and capacity reduction. We will have a site survey done that will show you which option is best for you, with an analysis performed that will show you the significant energy and cost savings you will receive, net of any costs for the solution. Financing, installation, and post-installation support are all included, so there is no out-of-pocket cost, and the analysis is provided free of charge to you.


A consistent energy supply is vital for the smooth running of a business. The cost of energy is much higher in “peak” periods, which are normally during the daytime when businesses are operating. Therefore, most businesses incur high energy costs during their day-to-day operational activities. However, with a solar energy solution, all that can change. According to market data, commercial property owners can save up to 75% on energy costs by using solar power. Installing solar energy for your business will reduce your reliance on the national grid. This will make your business less vulnerable to power cuts and outages, reducing interferences with productivity. Additionally, storing energy on your premises ensures that you have a backup power supply that you can use if the main power supply fails. The proposal will include all rebates and savings available from the many available government programs which will heavily subsidize the cost of the solution. These incentives will effectively buy down the cost of the equipment, leaving you with a major net reduction in your total costs. With the solution providing financing, you have no out-of-pocket costs, and the package includes installation and post-install support.


For most buildings, lighting is a significant component of their electricity costs. Annually, commercial and industrial facilities use approximately 19% to 30% of their electricity just for lighting. That makes upgrading their lighting an excellent place to look to reduce their electricity costs. Retrofit solutions commonly involve upgrading incandescent and fluorescent fixtures to more advanced, lower-maintenance LED’s. Additionally, solutions can include lighting controls, motion sensors, and adjustments to light color and intensity. We will provide you with a free analysis that will quantify the reductions in cost and energy usage you will obtain, after researching all of the available lighting solutions to determine which one is optimal for you. The package includes financing for the equipment, installation, and post-install support, so you have no out-of-pocket costs, only guaranteed net reductions in your total cost and total energy usage.

EV Charging Stations

Lightwave Solutions works closely with multiple Electric Charging Station Vendors to ensure you obtain the best choice for your client’s specific needs. We will get to know your client’s business. We will examine such factors as:

  • How many stations you are looking to purchase and over what time frame
  • What size stations make sense (Level 1 or 2) DC Fast Charging, electrical infrastructure, etc.

Then we will provide a recommendation based on the needs, pricing, and rebates available in your area.

Our solutions are turn-key, with everything coordinated for your client. Because of the wide range of solutions that we can provide, partnering with us on EV Charging can turn this process into a profit center for both you and your client.

We have a Partnership Program that will pay you for simply giving us a warm introduction to your clients to show them a roadmap to new technology at a lower cost and improving productivity. You will not need to know much more than a very basic amount of information about EV Charging. You only need to leverage your relationships to introduce our team, then our experts will handle the rest.


Low emissivity, or low-E, windows are an energy-efficient window option for commercial buildings and one of the best new construction window options on the market. These windows feature a coating that reduces the transmission of the sun’s infrared and ultraviolet rays into interior spaces. Financing that includes both the windows and installation is included, so you have no out-of-pocket costs, only guaranteed net cost and energy usage reductions.

Water Usage

Businesses can reduce costs on ever-increasing utility expenses through our managed water equipment installation. This results in a controlled and smoother water process with overall water usage reductions by 30%-40%+. Our managed service installs this patented plumbing device to any commercial, industrial, or Multi-Tenant Building. With double-digit water utility costs increasing across the country, now is the time to control water usage. The results are guaranteed and the analysis is performed free of charge to show you the net reductions in cost and usage, after all costs for equipment, installation, and post-install support are included.

Data Center Cooling

Immersion Cooling of server racks allows economic and PUE (Power Utilization Efficiency) benefits by allowing data centers to operate servers without a raised floor and without computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units or chillers, reducing the need for physical space. PUE ratings of 1.03 are attainable with Immersion Cooling. This revolutionary new technology will produce dramatic reductions in your energy usage and costs, net of the cost of the solution.

Energy Service Provider Optimization

Leverage our more than 40 licensed electricity and natural gas suppliers across the country. These relationships mean we can bring multiple suppliers to the table to look at your client’s energy needs, providing them the opportunity to compare offers all in one place. And it’s not just about price. Having multiple suppliers at our fingertips allows you to offer an array of purchase options and to negotiate the most favorable terms for your clients.

Power Optimization

The average voltage supplied in the U.S. is 493 volts – but most motors and equipment are optimized at 460 volts. Giving their building, facility, or property more voltage than it needs wastes not just electrical energy, but also money, adding as much as 20% or more to a business’s electricity bill. Plus, ‘overvoltage’ can dramatically shorten the life expectancy of all the equipment, Voltage optimization equipment constantly regulates the electricity supply coming into the building, property, or facility, so it gets precisely the right amount of voltage needed to power lights, equipment, HVAC, and anything else using electricity.

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Our Process

Our process will handle the benchmarking, energy audits, and upgrades to your energy infrastructure, including providing the capital for any equipment and installation expenses involved. You will not have to come up with any money for capital expenditures with our process, as it is all included in the package via an off-balance sheet contract arrangement. Our process can provide for managing your energy procurement, taking into account these energy upgrades that can improve your energy load profile to obtain better pricing.

In addition, our process will enable you to take advantage of government incentives to reduce your energy consumption. These incentives can dramatically lower the cost of procurement of energy-saving solutions and our process includes obtaining those credits for you.

Best of all our solutions have strong guarantees that range from providing you with the difference between what you were quoted for cost reductions and what you receive, to even offering to take back the solution if you are not 100% satisfied. Everything is provided with documentation in great detail. The result is that you receive net reductions in costs that far exceed what you pay for any solutions implemented.

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