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For Your Business

We can serve as your strategic partner by providing a value add. We can optimize your clients’ wireline/wireless and related technology solutions and save them 20-45%.

For Your Clients

We can source all technology options at no cost, manage implementation, audit billing solutions, and provide Help Desk Support 24/7/365. We can take care of all these tasks while assisting your clients' with obtaining the best products at the lowest costs.

For Your Referrals

LSI Partners receive a percentage of what LSI earns during our engagement with their clients. Our solution and partner agreements provide an additional income opportunity for our accounting partners while providing a unique value add to their service portfolio.

How can LSI help you?

Lightwave Solutions has been providing the very best in telecom, technology, and security solutions to customers nationwide for over two decades.

About EnVision

For our larger, multi-location customers, we offer a proprietary web-based platform called EnVision. EnVision delivers significant savings while increasing the performance of your telecommunications and technology stack.