GPOs and Associations

A Natural Partner

Because GPO’s have such significant buying power, they allow businesses to more easily obtain the services they want to have – for a significantly reduced price and with better terms. They are a natural partner for our model, because we can provide 500 plus vendors for telecommunications, technology, energy and utility services in a vendor-neutral manner that reduces costs and improves productivity. By creating an inventory of existing services and understanding the business’s needs, we can match those needs to the best products and services. We can then pay our GPO partners based on what we receive from our vendors, matching the model they are used to.

Similarly, associations can offer a new benefit package to their membership that is certain to reduce costs and improve productivity for services that every member purchases. The process is simple to understand and requires little time and effort on the part of the members. We will pay the association from what we receive from the vendors, creating a win for everyone.

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