Lightwave Solutions

Private Equity & Lightwave

Increase the valuation of your portfolio businesses while improving their productivity.

For Your Business

Our owner came from the Private Equity world before he started LSI. We understand businesses are valued based on profitability and growth trajectory. We can serve as your strategic partner and give you a competitive advantage, by delivering reduced cost to your portfolio companies and increasing the performance of their telecommunications and technology stack.

For Your Portfolio Companies

  • We reduce telecom and technology spend by 20-45%
  • We offer the newest and most innovative communication, technology, and security solutions from any provider to drive productivity

For Your Referrals

LSI Partners receive a percentage of what LSI earns during our engagement with their clients. Our solution and partner agreements provide an additional income opportunity for our Private Equity partners while providing a unique value add to their service portfolio.

How EnVision Works

Centralized Service Inventory

  • EnVision creates an inventory of all your services, at all your locations, from all your providers.
  • This information enables us to compare your options from existing and potential providers.
  • We then evaluate your current costs and any ROI that can be achieved from changes. The process is carrier-neutral, focusing on selecting the best products from both a cost and performance standpoint. The process allows us to obtain major cost savings while delivering significant improvements in the value of your services.
  • Experienced project managers seamlessly implement any solutions you choose.
  • Built-in
    24/7/365 Help Desk support and repair ensure any service issues are remediated ASAP.


After an initial inventory and optimization of telecommunications and technology is completed, our specialists will work with you to ensure you have the security solutions necessary to protect you from cyber security threats.

Clear Auditing Process

  • Telecom bills are notoriously complex, making it difficult to audit or optimize services. EnVision solves this problem.
  • Auditing bills to find and recover overcharges, billing errors, and disconnect unnecessary or overlooked services also yields savings.
  • We can also work with you to reduce spending in other areas of the business, such as energy and utilities.

How can LSI help you?

Lightwave Solutions has been providing the very best in telecom, technology, and security solutions to customers nationwide for over two decades.

About EnVision

For our larger, multi-location customers, we offer a proprietary web-based platform called EnVision. EnVision delivers significant savings while increasing the performance of your telecommunications and technology stack.