Energy and Utility Related Organizations

Installation Companies, HVAC, Solar, Thermostatic Controls, Lighting, Water, Utility Auditing, EV Charging Companies, Energy Providers, and More

In working with your model of partner, we lead with energy and utility solutions, then follow up later with telecommunications and technology options.

You don’t have to know anything about any services outside of your core business. All we need is a warm introduction. We will collaborate to create a strategy for how the cost reductions we generate will help you to drive sales of your services. We may be able to provide financing packages that include our recommendations with your services as a bundle, that includes the installation costs for your products! If there is installation work that you provide in any of the areas of solutions we are offering to your clients, we can route that work to you as their trusted vendor. It is also possible we may be able to market your products and services, where you become a vendor for sales or your services, equipment, installation, or other services, for customers brought to us through our other partners.

Best of all, because our vendors pay us for services we optimize over to their solutions, we can provide all of these services at no charge to your customers, while generating income for you.

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